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VELVET SPIDERS FLAT BELLIED GROUND SPIDERS | Common spiders like velvet spiders,crevice weavers Southern house spider,large-clawed spiders ,Carrai cave spider.tree trunk spiders,dwarf sheet spiders,lampshade spiders ,White-tailed spider,Tooth cave spider,wolf spiders,shield spiders,White-tailed spider,dwarf / money spiders,disc web spiders ,sac spiders,pirate spiders ,cave cobweb spiders and others have been described below:Spider Sub Order Family Name Opisthothelae List is continued below:

  1. Spider Eresidae Family has  9 Genera 97 Species common name velvet spiders Eresus sandaliatus
  2. Spider Filistatidae Family has  18 Genera 121 Species common name crevice weavers Southern house spider
  3. Spider Gnaphosidae Family has  122 Genera 2178 Species common name flat-bellied ground spiders Drassodes cupreus
  4. Spider Gallieniellidae Family has  10 Genera 55 Species common name
  5. Spider Gradungulidae Family has  7 Genera 16 Species common name large-clawed spiders Carrai cave spider
  6. Spider Hersiliidae Family has  15 Genera 179 Species common name tree trunk spiders Hersilia savignyi
  7. Spider Hahniidae Family has  28 Genera 249 Species common name dwarf sheet spiders
  8. Spider Homalonychidae Family has  1 Genera 3 Species common name
  9. Spider Holarchaeidae Family has  1 Genera 2 Species common name
  10. Spider Huttoniidae Family has  1 Genera 1 Species common name Huttonia palpimanoides
  11. Spider Hypochilidae Family has  2 Genera 12 Species common name lampshade spiders Hypochilus thorelli
  12. Spider Lamponidae Family has  23 Genera 192 Species common name White-tailed spider
  13. Spider Leptonetidae Family has  22 Genera 272 Species common name Tooth cave spider
  14. Spider Linyphiidae Family has  601 Genera 4533 Species common name dwarf / money spiders Linyphia triangularis
  15. Spider Lycosidae Family has  123 Genera 2403 Species common name wolf spiders Lycosa tarantula
  16. Spider Liocranidae Family has  32 Genera 272 Species common name liocranid sac spiders
  17. Spider Mecysmaucheniidae Family has  7 Genera 25 Species common name
  18. Spider Malkaridae Family has  4 Genera 11 Species common name shield spiders
  19. Spider Mimetidae Family has  13 Genera 158 Species common name pirate spiders Oarces reticulatus
  20. Spider Megadictynidae Family has  2 Genera 2 Species common name
  21. Spider Mysmenidae Family has  13 Genera 135 Species common name spurred orb-weavers Mysmenopsis sp.
  22. Spider Miturgidae Family has  33 Genera 159 Species common name long-legged sac spiders
  23. Spider Nesticidae Family has  13 Genera 228 Species common name cave cobweb spiders Nesticella marapu
  24. Spider Nicodamidae Family has  7 Genera 27 Species common name
  25. Spider Oecobiidae Family has  6 Genera 110 Species common name disc web spiders Oecobius navus

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