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Lost Within The Web Poem Written By Anonymous Writer Poet

Lost Within The Web Poem Written By Anonymous Writer Poet

Spider Poem

Lost Within The Web Poem Written By Anonymous Writer Poet

Lost Within The Web Poem Written By Anonymous Writer Poet

Lost Within The Web Poem

Darkness folded over me
And I drifted off to sleep ,
Lost in a land so silent
My soul took a leap.
The mind swings the door wide
And fear awaits,
Found myself in a web, ‘
Heart rushing’ it was too late .
A spider I felt on my leg
As it took a bite,
I reached back and in my fingers
Trapped it that’s right.
I saw it was a spider
And placed it into a quart jar,
Only to watch it spin and come back to life
And toward me charged.
I found a lid and trapped it there
Then headed to town,
It was tripling in size in the jar
Almost over bound.
At the hospital as I handed it
To them they couldn’t believe,
When I said a few hours ago
It was the size of a pea
They knew not the type of spider
Though it held a fleshy color there,
And eyes cole black held a fix on me
As though it were aware.
The nurse started to spin the top off
And I screamed before it was too late ,
She should make a pin hole first..
And sedate it then it would be safe .
Oh the nurse took heed
As my leg began to sting,
I took a look at the back of my calve
Colored a purplish, yellow ,green .
I put my hand down upon it
And from within some thing moved,
I saw tiny spiders from the bite began to ooze.
Screaming I was so shocked and found
The spider had inside me laid eggs,
The tiny spider began to pour out
And feed off my leg.
The nurses sedated me and placed me
Into a bed the hospital wasn’t aware,
As the spiders so tiny began to spread everywhere .
Every day the hospital tended my wound
And when alone the spiders returned,
Every day they saw more flesh had been eaten
And the skin a milk bubble replaced the flesh like a burn .
None had witnessed the little spiders
Now had across the ceiling a web,
And the patients their food
And from the ceiling each night fell .
One night all the power went out
From a passing storm the darkest of all dreams for sure ,
And the patients saw all these little lights
On the ceiling and on the floors.
As the lights returned back on ,
The web had over come all, covered with pods there,
The beds and the equipment
And in the hospital all had become aware .
Each body a spun cocoon the flesh they fed upon,
As the mother spider upon my body fell
Through a silent scream while her web was sewn.

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