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DWARF HUNTING SPIDERS GREEN LYNX SPIDERS | Dwarf Hunting Spiders Green Lynx Spiders and others Spiders like midget ground weavers,dwarf hunting spiders,lynx spiders ,Green lynx spider,palp-footed spiders,crab spiders,daddy long-legs spiders,nursery web spiders,long-spinneret ground spiders,huntsman spiders,recluse spiders Brown recluse,cobweb spiders Redback spider,tubeweb spiders ,tubeweb spiders,hackled orb-weavers etc. have been described in which category they fall.

Family Name Opisthothelae spiders have been described with genera,species,common name below:

  • Spider Ochyroceratidae Family has  15 Genera 187 Species common name midget ground weavers Theotima minutissima
  • Spider Orsolobidae Family has  30 Genera 188 Species common name
  • Spider Oonopidae Family has  112 Genera 1613 Species common name dwarf hunting spiders Oonops domesticus
  • Spider Oxyopidae Family has  9 Genera 453 Species common name lynx spiders Green lynx spider
  • Spider Palpimanidae Family has  16 Genera 139 Species common name palp-footed spiders
  • Spider Penestomidae Family has  1 Genera 9 Species common name
  • Spider Pararchaeidae Family has  7 Genera 35 Species common name
  • Spider Philodromidae Family has  30 Genera 539 Species common name philodromid crab spiders Philodromus dispar
  • Spider Periegopidae Family has  1 Genera 3 Species common name
  • Spider Phrurolithidae Family has  14 Genera 197 Species common name
  • Spider Pholcidae Family has  79 Genera 1461 Species common name daddy long-legs spiders Pholcus phalangioides
  • Spider Pimoidae Family has  4 Genera 38 Species common name Pimoa cthulhu
  • Spider Phyxelididae Family has  14 Genera 64 Species common name
  • Spider Pisauridae Family has  47 Genera 335 Species common name nursery web spiders Pisaura mirabilis
  • Spider Plectreuridae Family has  2 Genera 31 Species common name
  • Spider Psechridae Family has  2 Genera 57 Species common name
  • Spider Prodidomidae Family has  31 Genera 309 Species common name long-spinneret ground spiders Lygromma anops
  • Spider Scytodidae Family has  5 Genera 232 Species common name spitting spiders Scytodes thoracica
  • Spider Salticidae Family has  588 Genera 5841 Species common name jumping spiders Zebra spider
  • Spider Segestriidae Family has  4 Genera 120 Species common name tubeweb spiders Segestria florentina
  • Spider Senoculidae Family has  1 Genera 31 Species common name
  • Spider Selenopidae Family has  10 Genera 256 Species common name wall spiders Selenops radiatus
  • Spider Sicariidae Family has  2 Genera 139 Species common name recluse spiders Brown recluse
  • Spider Stenochilidae Family has  2 Genera 13 Species common name
  • Spider Sinopimoidae Family has  1 Genera 1 Species common name
  • Spider Sparassidae Family has  85 Genera 1180 Species common name huntsman spiders Avondale spider
  • Spider Symphytognathidae Family has  8 Genera 71 Species common name dwarf orb-weavers Patu digua
  • Spider Stiphidiidae Family has  22 Genera 135 Species common name Tartarus mullamullangensis
  • Spider Synaphridae Family has  3 Genera 13 Species common name
  • Spider Synotaxidae Family has  14 Genera 82 Species common name
  • Spider Telemidae Family has  9 Genera 62 Species common name long-legged cave spiders
  • Spider Tetragnathidae Family has  47 Genera 973 Species common name long jawed orb-weavers Orchard spider
  • Spider Theridiidae Family has  122 Genera 2459 Species common name cobweb spiders Redback spider
  • Spider Tetrablemmidae Family has  31 Genera 160 Species common name armored spiders
  • Spider Theridiosomatidae Family has  18 Genera 109 Species common name ray spiders Theridiosoma gemmosum
  • Spider Thomisidae Family has  175 Genera 2150 Species common name crab spiders Goldenrod spider
  • Spider Trachelidae Family has  16 Genera 208 Species common name
  • Spider Trechaleidae Family has  16 Genera 120 Species common name
  • Spider Trochanteriidae Family has  19 Genera 152 Species common name
  • Spider Titanoecidae Family has  5 Genera 53 Species common name Goeldia obscura
  • Spider Trogloraptoridae Family has  1 Genera 1 Species common name Trogloraptor marchingtoni
  • Spider Uloboridae Family has  18 Genera 272 Species common name hackled orb-weavers Uloborus walckenaerius
  • Spider Udubidae Family has  4 Genera 12 Species common name
  • Spider Viridasiidae Family has  2 Genera 9 Species common name
  • Spider Zodariidae Family has  81 Genera 1095 Species common name Zodarion germanicum
  • Spider Zoropsidae Family has  25 Genera 177 Species common name Zoropsis spinimana

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